High-quality stretch film for safe goods transport
Produced using the co-extrusion process on state-of-the-art blown film lines
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Working together to optimise the packaging process
thanks to packaging optimisation in the accredited test laboratory
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We offer you the packaging machinefor the right film
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LESS IS MORE – We live sustainability
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - innovative and sustainable products meet resource-saving processes

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Packaging optimisation

DUO PLAST Ladeeinheitensicherung

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Our mission

Less is more

With the aim of offering customised packaging solutions, we focus on minimising the use of materials, energy and time. It is our priority to develop innovative products that promote the use of recycled materials. Together with customers and partners, we are driving the development of a genuine circular economy. More than 25 years of research and development and our wide portfolio of sustainable films demonstrate our commitment to this. The portfolio offers a wide range of options with 30 – 65 % post-consumer recyclate (PCR).

Less waste, more recycling

All film waste is fed back into production.

What we offer

For your optimised packaging process


We produce multilayer coextruded blown films for you in almost unbeatable quality in two German plants. You will find a wide range of films here: from agricultural stretch films and (sustainable) industrial stretch films to food films and (sustainable) stretch bonnets.

Packaging machines

We are a leading and innovative supplier of packaging machines with a long history of working with renowned manufacturers of high-performance packaging machines. We are experts in the sale and service of semi-automatic and fully automatic pallet wrappers.

Packaging optimization

Packaging has to protect the products as well as fulfil the requirements of the distribution channels. With expert analysis, we develop customised packaging solutions that are effective, cost-efficient and sustainable. Together we'll find the perfect packaging solution.

Working together to optimise your packaging process

Do you need support with your packaging process? We offer you a comprehensive service, and of course we customise it to your needs and specific conditions. You not only save resources, but also valuable time.

Benefit from our expertise in the areas of (sustainable) film production, packaging machines and testing processes as well as optimisation of your individual load unit securing!


You can choose between films made from conventional polyethylene (PE) or sustainable versions with a high recycled content.


We are experts in the sale and servicing of semi-automatic and fully automatic packaging machines.


We would be happy to create an individual packing and/or transport situation for you with your products and carry out an analysis.


Together we look at your transport safety focus topic,
to overcome challenges and achieve optimum load unit securing.

Do you have questions?

Please feel free to contact us. We will take care of your request at any time.

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