Perforated stretch film

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DUO AIR - the film that breathes and enables breathing. You are not the only one who will be able to breathe with our perforated stretch film.

Say goodbye to...

durchnässte Kartons

… soaked cartons &
unreadable labels

Verrostete Konserven

… rusty cans

abgeknickte Pflanzen

… broken & damaged plants

Free air circulation meets transport security with DUO AIR perforated stretch film

Safe transport and optimum air circulation – discover the perfect solution for your products!

If you are involved in dispatching and transportation of hot / warm products, plants, fresh food or frozen goods, keep reading and discover the many advantages of our perforated stretch film for your daily duty!

Turn DUO AIR advantages to yours:

Your goods will survive long journeys undamaged and intact packaged due to usage of our DUO AIR perforated stretch film. High-quality blown stretch film for secure machine or manual transportation packaging.

Plants are sensitive and rarely forgive strenuous transport. DUO AIR film allows to create the best conditions for smooth transportation of such type of goods. Macro-perforation of DUO AIR prevents buckling and your plants get enough oxygen.

Is your process chain fully automated and requires perfectly legible labels? Barcodes remain scannable without being smudged – as condensation inside the pallet is avoided by usage of our DUO AIR perforated stretch film.

Reduce defrosting or freezing times by using the right film and ensure safe transport at the same time. Both options are possible, because the use of our DUO AIR perforated stretch film has already been proven many times to ensure optimum pallet ventilation and excellent pallet stability.

The DUO AIR is particularly well placed for:

Obst & Gemüse

Fruit & vegetables

Milch & Milchprodukte

Milk & dairy products

Feinkost & Süßwaren

Delicatessen & Confectionery

Getränke & Konserven

Drinks & tinned food

Kühl- & Tiefkühlprodukte

Chilled & frozen products

Pharmazie & Gesundheitswesen

Medical & pharmaceutical products

Pflanzen & Gartenbau

Plants & Horticulture


Chemical products


Pet food


DUO AIR - the breathing stretch film!


A film that can breathe - ideal for everything that needs to breathe. Can be used for manual and machine processing.

Are you looking for a sustainable option?

Good for the environment and for your goods transportation -
we offer you a large selection of sustainable films in the usual DUO PLAST-quality with up to 65 % post-consumer recyclate.

Working together to optimise your packaging process

Do you need support with your packaging process? We offer you a comprehensive service, and of course we customise it to your needs and specific conditions. You not only save resources, but also valuable time.

Benefit from our expertise in the areas of (sustainable) film production, packaging machines and testing processes as well as optimisation of your individual load unit securing!


You can choose between films made from conventional polyethylene (PE) or sustainable versions with a high recycled content.


We are experts in the sale and servicing of semi-automatic and fully automatic packaging machines.


We would be happy to create an individual packing and/or transport situation for you with your products and carry out an analysis.


Together we look at your transport safety focus topic,
to overcome challenges and achieve optimum load unit securing.

Do you have questions?

Please feel free to contact us. We will take care of your request at any time.

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