Agricultural stretch film​

High-quality protection for your silage bales

Are you struggling with the following challenges…

… recurring film tears during the wrapping process?

… poorly adhering film on the bale and insufficient film bonding?

schlechte Silage

… bursting silage bales during transport?

Scenes like this are a nightmare for every contractor and farmer. On the one hand, it means more labour, cost and time, and on the other, the quality of the feed for your animals suffers. There are many factors that affect silage quality. These include the right time to cut the grass, the contamination of the silage itself and the dry matter content. However, choosing the right agricultural stretch film is also a key factor in achieving the best bale silage and forage quality. But not every bale wrapping film can meet the increasing demands. Take a look at our DUO AGRO product range and see for yourself!

The advantages of our agricultural stretch films

Easy and safe processing

Our bale wrap films are manufactured at two German plants using the blow extrusion process. You therefore benefit from maximum mechanical strength and puncture resistance.

Your bales are optimally sealed on the outside as our wrapping films have very high adhesive properties. properties. The extra smooth outer surface of agricultural stretch film guarantees easy handling. In addition, no adhesive is used in the film, which will result in heavy soiling of of the wrapping technology (the rollers). You can use it to produce both round and square bales. They can also be used on all standard wrapping machines, ensuring tailor-made efficiency. This means: more silage in less time!


Best feed quality - best recycling

Our bale wrap films are made from high-quality raw materials. They are…

  • environmentally friendly
  • 100 % food-safe
  • 100 % recyclable

These are ideal prerequisites for high feed quality in your bales, coupled with a high level of sustainability awareness.

Optimum oxygen barrier

Excellent adhesive film layers ensure a secure film seal around your bales. This creates a strong, airtight envelope. This reduces the development of yeast and mould in or on the silage, protecting the feed from overheating and loss of nutrients, as well as spoilage and contamination with fungal toxins. See for yourself and achieve high feed quality with an optimised ensiling process.

Umweltfreundliche Stretchfolie Agrar

Sustainable round bale film made from PCR

We are committed to protecting the environment, conserving resources and using environmentally friendly raw materials. That is why we offer a wide range of products to help you improve your personal carbon footprint without compromising the wrapping performance of your machinery or the quality of the bales.

In addition to virgin polyethylene films, our DUO EARTH AGRO range includes agricultural stretch films made from recycled material. DUO EARTH AGRO contains a minimum of 30% PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) material, which comes from used agricultural film. The films are as easy and safe to use as our conventional agricultural stretch films. You don’t have to compromise!

Use products that contain recycled material and reduce your carbon footprint by 22%.

DUO AGRO product portfolio

Our bale wrap films


The "environmentally friendly" solution
Our EARTH AGRO films have the same high quality as our traditional films and consist of at least 30 % PCR.


The "universal allrounder"

The film promises the best adhesion - perfectly sealed film layers and tight bales.


The "real premium quality" solution
It offers optimum adhesion without adhesive and is ideal for wrapping round and square bales on all standard wrapping machines.


The "efficient one"
Our DUO WRAP silage films offer low-noise unwinding and are PIB-free, which prevents annoying adhesive deposits on the rollers. Last but not least, our products are environmentally friendly and 100 % recyclable.

Our cladding film


Mesh replacement film
With the higher barrier effect of the film coating, you create a good environment for the necessary bacteria. This ensures a high level of ensiling safety and fermentation stability while preventing the formation of white mold.

Together we are strong

According to the motto “together we achieve more”, we work exclusively with JBS (joachim behrens
scheessel gmbh) throughout Germany in the DUO AGRO division. The specialised dealer for
agricultural products markets silage film, silage protection, wrapping film, round bale nets, binding
twine, silage additives, feed, hygiene, biogas and high-quality accessories for agricultural businesses.

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