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Together we optimize your packaging and logistics process

You have problems with ...

steigender Materialverbrauch

… increased material consumption

… securing your load units

durchnässte Kartons

… regular transport damage

Packaging is as individual as the products it contains. The same applies to the distribution channels. Only a professional analysis of all factors by experts enables the development of individual packaging solutions that not only protect the product, but are also efficient from a cost and sustainability perspective. Our DUO LAB technology center can draw on the expert knowledge of freight forwarders, retailers, experts, logistics centers and testing institutes. We put this know-how at the service of your company. Using the latest testing technologies and transport simulations, we evaluate and develop complete load and transport securing concepts for you.

Our test center at a glance - accredited by the DAkkS

The DUO LAB Technology Center (D-PL-19044-01-00) is officially accredited for packaging testing by the German accreditation body DAkkS in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018. 

This means that we work in accordance with national and international testing standards and are authorized to issue test reports. With DAkkS accreditation, we are one of the few independent technology centers in the field of transport simulation as well as handling and temperature tests with this seal of quality.

For you, accreditation means maximum security, as the work of our technology center is monitored by the state. This means that the test results are also recognized by international authorities. The accreditation guarantees that we work independently and provide you with objective results. It is a quality feature that guarantees you validated test results. Accreditation by the DAkkS is valid for five years and must be confirmed in several surveillance audits during this period. At the end of the five years, a repeat assessment is carried out.

Sustainable and economic benefits with maximum safety


Do you want packaging that optimally protects your goods from external forces? Our packaging tests include

  • Accelerations
  • braking
  • cornering
  • Unevenness and loads during transportation by truck, rail, ship or plane

We also test the forces acting on the material during the handling process. Real climatic conditions can also be simulated.

Are you still looking for the optimum packaging and load unit securing for your distribution process or do you have problems with the transportation of goods? Together we will find the optimum solution for you so that your goods arrive at their destination undamaged!

Manual handling

It is tested whether products and load units can withstand the loads from handling work (e.g. with a forklift truck) without damage.

Horizontal Impact

Important shock and acceleration loads are simulated in a realistic manner in order to investigate horizontal transport influences on the load unit.

Vertical Vibration Tables

It is tested whether products and load units can withstand the loads from handling work (e.g. with a forklift truck) without damage.

Climate Chamber

The packaged goods are tested in the climate chamber using ambient temperatures and humidity.

Climate Chamber

The packaged goods are tested in the climate chamber using ambient temperatures and humidity.

Pitch & Roll Module

For examining the stress caused by tilting and tilting movements as well as rotations - so that every cornering movement can be realistically simulated.

Working together to optimise your packaging process

Do you need support with your packaging process? We offer you a comprehensive service, and of course we customise it to your needs and specific conditions. You not only save resources, but also valuable time.

Benefit from our expertise in the areas of (sustainable) film production, packaging machines and testing processes as well as optimisation of your individual load unit securing!


You can choose between films made from conventional polyethylene (PE) or sustainable versions with a high recycled content.


We are experts in the sale and servicing of semi-automatic and fully automatic packaging machines.


We would be happy to create an individual packing and/or transport situation for you with your products and carry out an analysis.


Together we look at your transport safety focus topic,
to overcome challenges and achieve optimum load unit securing.

With us, packaging optimization is done right

A minimum of material and raw material for a maximum of safety. In our workshop, we include all relevant aspects in our optimization analysis. In our technology center, we can subject your individual load unit to meaningful load tests and carry out simulations in order to precisely identify the strengths and weaknesses of your packaging process. We test according to recognized procedures and can therefore issue reliable test certificates for individual load securing concepts that are also valid in court.

We support you with our comprehensive expertise throughout the entire packaging process, for greater safety during logistics – from the production facility to the point of sale.

Workshop on packaging and load unit securing

Why are only around 60% of loads correctly secured?
Is it due to a lack of time or a lack of awareness of the consequences of inadequate load securing? Take part in our seminar on load unit securing and experience at first hand how acceleration, cornering etc. affect load units.

Our excellent seminar didactics, the combination of theoretical knowledge and practical experience in packaging development guarantee sustainable and long-term learning results that go far beyond the theoretical teaching of legal requirements.

Learn how to secure goods in a legally compliant and effective manner in accordance with the requirements of the Technical Control Regulation and recognized norms and standards such as DIN EN 17321, EUMOS 40509 or ISTA 3B.

By teaching optimal packaging techniques and load securing processes.

Testing of own loading units in the test center is possible by prior arrangement and coordination (climate chamber, vibration table, horizontal acceleration sled).

If interested, the video evaluations and documentation can be made available afterwards.

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