Small rolls

Bundle, pack and protect with mini stretch films

If you are tired of…


… adhesive residues your
on products


… loose individual
parts or cartons


… damaged goods because
your bundling doesn’t hold

We offer you an alternative to strapping, adhesive tape or packing tape with our narrow roll (bundle stretch film) DUO PICCOLO

An excellent film connection, accompanied by and strong adhesion and easy unwinding of the film is required for stable packages. Furthermore, outstanding machinability and easy manual processing is desirable, too – all this is possible with our bundling narrow film DUO PICCOLO.

Scratches on doors / drawers or sensitive furniture are a thing of the past – with our product DUO PICCOLO mini stretch film. Our cost saving solution (adhesive and packing tapes are not longer needed) helps to protect your goods from being covered in adhesive residues. Our small rolls are the best choice in terms of transport safety and security for chaotic packaged goods.

Scratches on doors / drawers or delicate furniture are a thing of the past with DUO PICCOLO mini stretch film. It also prevents the product from being covered in adhesive residue and saves money by eliminating the need for adhesive and packing tape. Our narrow rolls are also the best choice as a picking aid for disorganised packaged goods if transport safety and security are also on your agenda.

See the benefits of our mini stretch films and small rolls for yourself:

Enormous stretchability and excellent puncture and tear resistance of material offer considerable savings of material amount. Secure “packages” are guaranteed by wrapping with our mini stretch film or small roll.

100 % environmentally friendly and fully recyclable – valid for the entire product segment. Use either the standard version or the version with post-consumer recyclate (PCR).

Whether machine or manual application – we deliver the customized film made in our own production. DUO PICCOLO is available in transparent or coloured version, starting from a width of 20 mm – an individual print is possible, too.

Mini stretch films are often used to...

Bündelung von Langgütern

… to bundle/protect long goods

Schutz von Möbelstücken

… to secure pieces of furniture during transport

Bündelung Einzelgüter

… to fix individual goods

Bündelung Reifen

… to pack tyres safely

Fixierung von kommissionierter Ware

… Fixing of picked goods

Bündelung von Holz

… to bundle / pack wood


Small but mighty - our narrow rolls impress with their excellent adhesive properties


Among other things, these films are particularly suitable for packaging tyres, pipes or for fixing long goods.

Are you looking for a sustainable option?

Good for the environment and for your goods transportation -
we offer you a large selection of sustainable films in the usual DUO PLAST-quality with up to 65 % post-consumer recyclate.

Working together to optimise your packaging process

Do you need support with your packaging process? We offer you a comprehensive service, and of course we customise it to your needs and specific conditions. You not only save resources, but also valuable time.

Benefit from our expertise in the areas of (sustainable) film production, packaging machines and testing processes as well as optimisation of your individual load unit securing!


You can choose between films made from conventional polyethylene (PE) or sustainable versions with a high recycled content.


We are experts in the sale and servicing of semi-automatic and fully automatic packaging machines.


We would be happy to create an individual packing and/or transport situation for you with your products and carry out an analysis.


Together we look at your transport safety focus topic,
to overcome challenges and achieve optimum load unit securing.

Do you have questions?

Please feel free to contact us. We will take care of your request at any time.

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